Our commitment

#1. We stock everything we sell
Every product on gattola.com is stocked in our warehouses in Hong Kong.
So, if it's listed as "in stock", it's ready to ship immediately.
#2. Know your purchase
We design, manufacture and sell our product here.  
You want to feel confident you know exactly what you're buying, right? Many shops make it hard to get familiar with their products by simply regurgitating the manufacturer's product description and photos. Heck, they've probably never even opened the item and tried to use it.
At Gattola, we design our product, go through each step in the production, take our own photos, write our own descriptions, and create our own videos. We think you deserve this attention to detail so you can feel confident with your purchase.
#3. Ship within 1 business day
We stock everything we sell, that's why we can ship within 1 business day.
Please note that it does not mean that your order will arrive in 1 business day that you place the order, it depends on your delivery location and shipping method.
Our warehouses are located in Hong Kong, so, if your delivery address is Hong Kong or other major Asian Cities, your order should arrive within 7 days in our standard shipping method.
We also do One-Day and Two-Day shipping, please contact us by email and let us know your delivery address.
#4. Free return within 3 days
Within 3 days you received your items, you enjoy our free return service.
Need a reason? Of course NOT. Need a long back and forth email communication? Never. Send us your order number and items you have purchased, we will handle everything for you.
Please note that 3 days free return does not cover delivery fee on both way.

#5. We ship worldwide

We are a Hong Kong based company, we recruit designers worldwide to design our products, manufacture our products in Asia, and do the quality control in Hong Kong.

After production, we stock our items in Hong Kong. If you are located in all major Asian cities, we can ship to you in the fastest possible way.

But, we never stop, we've shipped to over 50 different countries. If you want it, we can get it to you.